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*This is not an appointment confirmation. We may require more information to facilitate your desired appointment. Depending on the type and location of the appointment, date and time selected and the service work outlined, we will do our best to accommodate your requests! If unavailable, we will provide alternative dates and time.

Mobile Service or Off-site Service

PleasureLand RV provides mobile services (services provided off-site) to our guest
and services are available by appointment only. As owner of the RV, YOU WILL BE
RESPONSIBLE for all fees and expenses relating to services provided. Mobile
PLEASURELAND RV. Our rate sheet covers pricing to and from your site and does
NOT include any labor required for repairs. Our Mobile service labor rate is
$155/hr and is billed in increments of .5/hrs (example 1: 20 minute repair billed at
.5/hr=$77.50, example 2: 45 minute repair billed out at 1/hr = $155). Mobile
service prices are as follows:

0-30 miles $99
31-60 miles $174
61-90 miles $249
91-120 miles  $324
121-150 miles $399

Over 150 Miles must call 1 of our 2 Mobile service
departments for more information.
St.Cloud area call Tom at 800-862-8603
Brainerd area call Steve at 800-514-1131