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Glacier Ice-House Rentals now offered out of Timberland Recreational Services in Bemidji!
(Pease contact our Brainerd office for details)

GoRVing! No Airlines. No Hotels. Just Fresh Air! 

That's what the RV lifestyle is all about! Only PleasureLand RV Center can offer you the things you deserve: Current model year RV’s, Flexibility, Affordable rates, Mileage included to most popular destinations and NO HIDDEN FEES!

Vacationing in an RV gives you more control, convenience and comfort than any other form of travel. With an RV, you can vacation more often for longer periods of time, for less money. Why not rent one for your next getaway! Choose your experience! – the sky is the limit! Minnesota Area RV Rentals and Twin Cities Area RV Rentals are available for pick up or delivery in and around the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, Brainerd, and Long Prairie areas. Recreational vehicle rentals are a great way to experience the country’s National Parks, music festivals, family trips, family reunions, weddings, sporting events, Nascar races, team competitions, and more. We also provide temporary housing for storm and fire victims as well as contractors for out of town work.

The reasons you rent an RV are the same reasons you take any vacation:

  • Get a break from the day to day grind
  • Be with the ones you care about
  • Rest & relaxation
  • Explore the places you’ve always dreamed about!


The difference between RVing and other types of vacations is that RVing allows you to truly achieve all those goals - and more. Renting an RV from PleasureLand RV Center will save you money compared to flying, staying in a hotel, renting a car and eating out every day!

With renting an RV, there are many benefits:

  • No flights to catch
  • No security hassles
  • No long lines or lost luggage
  • No hauling heavy bags in or out of hotel rooms
  • No expensive, unhealthy food
  • No strange bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens

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