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Napa Auto Parts

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Welcome to NAPA-West Salem!

NAPA-West Salem is unique in that the three managers have over 75 years of combined working experience and that being at this location. Terry, Anthony, Curt, Shaw, Jimmy, Dave, and Dylan have always gone above and beyond for our customers and it shows with the customers who continuously come to them for parts. Over 75 years of experience is hard to find and you can find that right here at NAPA-West Salem.

Another unique thing about NAPA-West Salem is that we are the only family owned auto store in the La Crosse area and have been owned that way since 1992.

Along with the managers, the delivery drivers are well known in our community as well and all of them have a positive, helping attitude. You won't go wrong shopping at NAPA-West Salem We pride ourselves on great customer satisfaction and strive to give you the best service possible each and every day. Give us a call or email one of us and we will be sure to assist you. Click on the pictures below to send an email to our managers.