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Canadian Buyers

Helpful information for our Canadian Customers

PleasureLand RV Center makes importing an RV into Canada simple. Our knowledgeable staff will clearly explain the steps and process of importing an RV, all while saving you money over buying back home. The process of importing an RV is not a difficult one, but if it is your first time it can seem a bit intimidating. There are several things that PleasureLand will do for you to help relieve stress on your end, and a few things that will be required of you in order to bring your RV across the border.

What PleasureLand will provide for you:

  1. A completed copy of the Bill of Sale.
  2. You will get a title for all pre-owned units or an MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) for all new units.
  3. A Recall Clearance Letter (showing the authorities at the border that your RV is free of any outstanding recalls).
  4. Make sure that the unit has a viewable manufacturer’s statement of compliance label on it. On older units this label can become faded and if the information is not able to be read/viewed by the border patrol agents, the unit may not be eligible for importation.
  5. For customers purchasing a motor home or other motorized vehicle, the MSO or title must be submitted to the US customs and Border Protection (CBP) at least 72 hours prior to crossing the border into Canada. Customers purchasing travel trailers, 5th wheels, or other non-motorized vehicles do not have a waiting period to cross the border. It is the customers responsibility to let their sales person know which border the information needs to be faxed to.
  6. A temporary transit tag will be placed in the RV allowing you time to transport the unit to the border. This permit will expire 30 days after purchase and does not act as insurance on your RV.

Responsibilities of the Customer:

  1. The customer is responsible for all taxes andfees to be paid at the border (you will pay $195 + GST, unless from Quebec then you will pay $195 + GST + QST).
  2. Providing insurance on the RV.
  3. Providing insurance on the RV.

Once you have taken possession of your RV and you reach the border here is what you can expect:

  1. You will be asked to produce your copies of the purchase order, title/MSO, and recall clearance letter
  2. Complete Vehicle Import Form – Form 1. This will be provided for you at the border by the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA). Remember to keep this form in the RV until it is licensed.
  3. CBSA will verify that the VIN and manufacturer’s statement of compliance label on the vehicle match.
  4. CBSA will collect Registrar of Imported Vehicles fee (RIV) of $195 + GST. The only exception is in Quebec where the fee is $195 + GST + QST.
    • RIV payment can be madewith any major credit card. The CBSA does not accept cash for this payment.

After you have crossed the border, your payment has been received, and your clearance letter has been received by RIV the following steps will follow

  1. You will receive an inspection form detailing what must be done to your vehicle to bring it into compliance.
  2. You will then have 45 days to complete any necessary modifications at the service facility of your choice.
  3. You will need to bring your vehicle to a Canadian Tire facility (470 locations throughout Canada) to have the federal inspections performed. They can also perform certain modifications and provincial inspections.
  4. Once your federal inspection has been passed you will receive your new Canadian Certification label.

Helpful information/websites:

Website for Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV)
Importation information:

Registrar of Imported Vehicles
Fax: (416) 626-0366
Hours of service
Mon. to Fri.: 7:00 am to 12:00 midnight (EST)
Sat. and Sun.: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST)

Canada Border Services Agency
In Canada: 1-800-461-9999 (English) 1-800-959-2036
Outside Canada: (506) 636-5064 (English) ; (506) 636-5067

Transport Canada
In Canada: 1-800-333-0371
Outside Canada: (613) 998-8616
Fax: (613) 998-4831